At Air Cost Control we continue to develop unique electrical and electro-mechanical solutions in order to support the largest Aircraft related Manufacturers and Airlines in the world.  We are proud of our partnership with HEICO, a collaboration that has been a driving force behind our collective success.

The Power of Our Partnership

The alliance between Air Cost Control and HEICO provides us the ability to expand our capabilities and financial strength so we can focus on being a world class supplier to the leading Aerospace OEM’s and Airline/MRO’s by bringing the following unique strengths and expertise to the table:

  • Comprehensive Expertise: The partnership harnesses aerospace experience of HEICO and Air Cost Control's profound knowledge of electrical interconnect products. This synergy allows us to provide tailored solutions that meet the dynamic and flexible requirements of the aerospace industry.

  • Global Footprint: Our partnership creates global reach, making it possible for us to efficiently serve clients across multiple continents. Our extensive network ensures timely and reliable support, regardless of location.

  • Uncompromising Quality: HEICO and Air Cost Control are committed to delivering excellence in terms of product quality and service. This partnership guarantees that customers can rely on us for precision, dependability, and safety.

  • Continuous Innovation: As the aerospace industry continues to evolve, we stand at the forefront of these changes. Our collaboration enables us to pool resources, innovate, and embark on research initiatives that result in new product development, enhancing performance, efficiency, and safety in aerospace operations.

Key to Our Success 

This robust relationship empowers us to offer comprehensive, integrated solutions that cater to the unique challenges posed by the aerospace sector. Together, we have gained the trust of our OEM and aftermarket customers, enabling us to consistently surpass their expectations.


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