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Russtech Solution : BACC65- EN4165 backhell - Air Cost Control

An Exclusive solution by Air Cost Control

In the rapidly evolving aerospace industry, innovation is key. Air Cost Control is proud to introduce the revolutionary BACC65/EN4165  (ARINC 809) backshell design by Russtech. This cutting-edge solution sets new standards in the aerospace market with its lightweight and robust construction, superior EMI/RFI shielding, and compliance with rigorous industry standards.

The Lightest and Strongest BACC65/EN4165 (ARINC 809) Backshell

Russtech has also introduced the lightest-weight, most rugged, and lowest profile EMI shielding backshell system ever for the aerospace market. The new backshell design is the lightest and strongest in the industry. The advanced engineering includes a full perimeter EMI/RFI lip, which virtually eliminates conducted and radiated emissions. Available in 45º, 90º, and straight configurations, this backshell provides unmatched versatility and performance for aerospace applications. 

Key Features: 

•    Multiple Configurations: Available in 45º, 90º, and straight designs to meet diverse application needs.

•    Superior EMI/RFI Shielding: The full perimeter EMI/RFI lip minimizes electromagnetic interference, ensuring optimal performance.

•    Lightweight and Strong: The composite construction delivers a robust solution without added weight.



D-Sub Composite Backshell: A Benchmark in Aerospace 

 This innovative accessory exceeds the smoke, flammability, and toxicity requirements per Airbus ADB00031 and FAR 25.853.


D-Sub Composite Backshell - Aerospace - Russtech - Air Cost Control

Exceptional Standards Compliance: 

•    Smoke, Flammability, and Toxicity: Meets or exceeds Airbus ADB00031 and FAR 25.853 requirements.


•    EMI Shielding: Provides outstanding protection against electromagnetic interference.

D-SUB Slide Latch & Receiver: Secure and Reliable Connections

The new Russtech slide latch system creates a positive, secure mate between D-Sub connectors. This universal latch is easy to install on virtually all D-Sub connector and backshell combinations, surpassing DO-160 performance requirements for shock and vibration.

Innovative Features:

•    Positive Latching: Ensures secure connections even in high-vibration environments.

•    Blind Mating: Allows for easy and intuitive connections with both tactile and audible feedback.

•    Durable Construction: Exceeds the mating cycles of traditional D-Sub connectors.

•    Compact Design: Enables connectors to be mounted with the release on either the left or right side.


D-SUB slide latch - receiver -russtech-aircostcontrol


Materials and Finishes: High-Quality and RoHS Compliant

Russtech's products are crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and compliance with environmental standards.

•    Shell Halves: Molded composite compound.

•    Backshell: Composite.

•    Hardware: Stainless steel.

•    Slide Latch Receiver: Stainless steel.


•    Double-Sided Electroless Nickel Plating: Provides superior corrosion resistance.

•    RoHS Compliance:  All materials meet RoHS standards.

D-SUB & EN Backshell Key Features

The composite backshells by Russtech offer several advantages that make them ideal for aerospace applications:


•    Composite Construction: Strong, lightweight, and robust design.

•    Proprietary EMI Coatings: Ensure effective EMI shielding.

•    Superior Strain Relief: Accommodates push, pull, and rotational strain relief.

•    Optimized Design: Simplifies connector backshell termination.

•    Cable Accommodations: Allows termination of a wide range of cable diameters.

Latch System Key Features

Russtech's latch system is designed to provide secure and reliable connections in demanding environments:

•    Positive Latching: Secure even in high vibration settings.

•    Blind Mating: Simple plug-and-play with tactile and audible feedback.

•    Easy Operation: A single press releases the secure mate.

•    Durable Construction: Surpasses traditional D-Sub connector mating cycles. 

•    Compact Design: Mountable with the release on either side.

Latch system Key feature - Russtech - Air Cost Control


With these advanced composite backshell and latch solutions, Russtech and Air Cost Control are setting new benchmarks in aerospace technology. These products offer unparalleled performance, meeting the stringent demands of the aerospace industry. Whether for commercial or military applications, Russtech’s innovative solutions are designed to elevate aerospace to new heights.
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