" The mission of Air Cost Control is to purchase, stock and resell electrical products for the aerospace industry.

Since a few years, Air Cost Control also adds value to its product range with an assembly line for aeronautical connectors complying with the highest standards of quality in the industry and has been qualified by several airframe manufacturers for this activity.

High quality products demand the highest quality of service, we take great pleasure on providing the best experience possible for our customers.

In this lineage, we work continuously on improving ourselves and keeping our quality assurance management to the highest standards. We fulfil all legal and regulatory requirements, so that our customers are able to place their complete trust on us.

In order to achieve this, we have taken “Quality” beyond the stage of a concept and made it a state of mind. In other words, at Air Cost Control, quality is ‘everybody’s concern.

Our capacity to work as a team, ensures that our company will be able to continually improve its performance and above all continually improve customer satisfaction.

Air Cost Control demands to all its employees to participate to achieve the goals, and maintain an efficient quality management system.

As far as we are concerned, we are committed to making available all the resources and all the means required to enable the quality objectives and policy to be implemented and disseminated."

Chief Executive Officer