New LED ABS0951 – Better, Brighter, Longer

ABS0951 used a modern cockpit, the new brighter LED version has a longer lifetime and than the LAMP version, moreover this solution reduces the current rating, has a better vibration, shock performance, weight and is safer.

Indeed, this version has a reduced face temperature thanks to the LED and lower maintenance costs.

3 choices : Indicator, Momentary, alternate snap action.

3 types of Push button:
Indicator: illumination of message without switch action H
Momentary: switch product with actuation only while holding button. Switch will return to unactuated position H
Alternate Snap Action: switch product with actuation maintained until pressed again. Switch will change physical position.

These Push-button are made with two components:
The body or base could be composed of microswitch (only for momentary and alternate snap action), a shaft to assure the link between the head and the body, a locking system for alternate snap action
The head or cap is the visible part of the Push-Button which can be customized with different marking and letters.

To be used, there are some accessories as the ASNE0416 which is the support. This product which fit with the push button have to be fix on the panel to install the ABS0951, the new led version.
On the wiring side, the ASNE0417 which is the back connector is essential of the crimp version, this part do the link between the ABS0951 and the wires, of course the contacts EN3155-003F2222 are mandatory on this version.

ASNE0419 swich guard to prevent involuntary action.

“The push buttons are used for sensitive application and for those who need to fully control the process associated to the ASNE0419 switch guard to prevent involuntary action


  • 35 g max. momentary switch or double throw switch type.
  • 30 g max. Simple indicator type.
  • Temperatures
  • Limit survival operating temperatures : -55 °C to +85 °C.
  • Limit operating temperature : -40 °C to +70 °C. 3.2.2
  • mechanical
  • Head activation load 9 to 18 N. 3.2.3
  • Head retaining load 13 to 17 N.
  • Switching mechanical lifetime : 100 000 cycles min.
  • Tightening torque for attachment of the body 0,12 m.N to 0,14 m.N.
  • Lip color Black for all types.
  • Electrical
  • Max. voltage drop under nominal current V £ 200 mV (including connection).
  • A single switching operation A single switching operation with a current exceeding the low level values will render the switch contacts unsuitable for low level switching.
  • Insulation resistance ³ 100 MW under 500 VDC
  • Ground dielectric strength 1 000 V rms / 50 Hz for the body with head, with leakage current < 1 mA.


number of this standardfunction codequality code of switchLED voltage codefront face codehead code

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Photos by Luc BOUCHEZ

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