M85049 – Mil-Spec Backshells & Connector Accessories



First of all, Mil-C 85049 series have been superseded by the AS85049.

AS85049 standard covers most of the needs from the circular to the rectangular connector accessories for military and Aerospace applications.

This specification is suitable with the most common electrical connectors used in this industry such as : MIL-DTL-38999 series IMIL-DTL-38999 series IIMIL-DTL-38999 series III – MIL-DTL-38999 series IV – MIL-DTL-83723 serie IIIMIL-DTL-26482 serie II MIL-DTL-5015 EN3646EN2997EN3645MIL-DTL-24308.

A wide range of DLA QPL backshells is offered by AIR COST CONTROL depending on the connectors used and application requirements.

In order to fulfil your expectations & requirements on your projects, our offer covers the following :

  • Strain relief clamp : cost effective solution cable holding
  • Potting boot : easy solution for cable sealing
  • Shrink boot adapters : To accomodate with heat shrinkable boots
  • Non-environmental : To protect the cable where sealing is not required
  • Environmental : This option includes a grommet that allows an excellent sealing protection
  • EMI/RFI : From the banding backshell option to the clamping version with a 360° screen termination

This non-exhaustive list of backshell type is the most used on the market but more options are available upon request.

Furthermore, generally these backshells are available with the following configurations : 90° , 45° and straight.

To follow the trend of the weight-saving on the connectors materials ,Air Cost control offers AS85049 backshells under composite version.



A Aluminum, Black Anodize (RoHS Compliant)
B Stainless Steel, Cadmium Plate, Black
G Aluminum, Electroless Nickel Plate (Space Grade)
J Composite, Cadmium Plate, Olive Drab
L Composite, Cadmium Plate, Olive Drab, Selective
M Composite, Electroless Nickel Plate (RoHS Compliant)
N Aluminum, Electroless Nickel Plate
P Aluminum, Cadmium Plate, Olive Drab, Selective
S Stainless Steel, Pasivate (RoHS Compliant)
T Composite, Unplated (RoHS Compliant)
W Aluminum, Cadmium Plate, Olive Drab
X Aluminum, Nickel Fluorocarbon Polymer (RoHS Compliant)
XC Composite, Nickel Fluorocarbon Polymer (RoHS Compliant
XS Stainless Steel, Nickel Fluorocarbon Polymer (RoHS Compliant)
Y Aluminum, Pure Dense Electrodeposited Aluminum (RoHS Compliant)
YC Composite, Pure Dense Electrodeposited Aluminum (RoHS Compliant)
YL Composite, Pure Dense Electrodeposited Aluminum, Selective (RoHS Compliant)
YP Aluminum, Pure Dense Electrodeposited Aluminum, Selective (RoHS Compliant)
YS Stainless Steel, Pure Dense Electrodeposited Aluminum, Selective (RoHS Compliant)
Z Aluminum, Zinc Nickel, Black (RoHS Compliant)
ZC Composite, Zinc Nickel, Black (RoHS Compliant)
ZL Composite, Zinc Nickel, Black, Selective (RoHS Compliant)
ZP Aluminum, Zinc Nickel, Black, Selective (RoHS Compliant)
ZS Stainless Steel, Zinc Nickel, Black (RoHS Compliant



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Written by Loic HONORE

Photos by Luc BOUCHEZ

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