Arinc 600 connectors are a recognized standard rack and panel used to connect high-performance equipments for Aircraft applications.

Arinc 600 rectangular connectors are the successor of the ARINC 404 for most of the new avionic designs.

This larger shell increases the number of contacts with a large choice of arrangements which allows users the use of Quadrax , Coaxial and optical contacts.

These connectors are to be used where it is necessary to ensure mating of multiple contacts from signal, power, coaxial, Quadrax to optical transmission.

Regarding the high density gauge 22 of contacts , this standard offers the possibility to connect up to 800 contacts and 56 Quadrax contacts to respond to today’s aerospace market challenges for the increase and growth performance requirements.

To protect high density contacts during the mating Arinc Connectors are using a reversed design on the insert.

Therefore contacts gauge 22 have to be male (pin) on the plug shell and female on the receptacle shell.

Another benefit is the possibility to build your own connector which meets your needs.

This rectangular connector meets most demanding needs from the military to the civil market.

Aerospatial Norm has defined the plug side as ASNE0161 –ASNE0163ASNE0165 where the receptacle is recognized as ASNE0162ASNE0164ASNE0166 that comply with the technical specification ARINC 600.

This rackable solution ensures an easy installation by using Arinc Rack ABS1699.This is a standard equipment for most of the modern Aircrafts. Moreover, a lightweight version has been created for modern aircraft under ABS1876.

Furthermore, two versions are available by most of the manufacturers: sealed or unsealed.

A very short ground termination also exists under the ABS1575 specifications by using crimp contacts. This accessory has to be integrated on the plug shell (only for size 2 and 3).

Size 1
Size 2
Size 3

Since recently manufacturers have an efficient and reliable backshell offer which provides solutions for EMI shield terminations and strain relief.

An ROHS compliance version is now available maintaining Arinc 600 performance.


  • Temperature Rating: -65°C to +125°C
  • Service life : 500 matings
  • Salt spray resistance : 48 Hours

AIRBUS recognized Arinc 600 under the following standards :

ASNE0161Connectors, rectangular– ARINC 600 – size 1Plugs
ASNE0162Connectors, rectangular– ARINC 600 – size 1Receptacles
ASNE0163Connectors, rectangular– ARINC 600 – size 2Plugs
ASNE0164Connectors, rectangular– ARINC 600 – size 2Receptacles
ASNE0165Connectors, rectangular– ARINC 600 – size 3Plugs
ASNE0168Connectors, rectangular– ARINC 600 – size 2 &  33 Contacts arrangements
ASNE0169Connectors, rectangular  ARINC 600Polarization Layouts
ASNE0170Connectors, rectangularARINC 600Pins
ASNE0171Connectors, rectangularARINC 600Sockets
ASNE0172Connectors, rectangularARINC 600Contacts, coaxial, male, size 5
ASNE0174Connectors, rectangularARINC 600Adaptation kits of coaxial contacts, size 1
ASNE0176Connectors, rectangularARINC 600– Protective covers
ASNE0179Connectors, rectangularARINC 600Inserts
ASNE0201Connectors, rectangularARINC 600Contacts, coaxial, female, size 1, RF type
ASNE0565Connectors, rectangularARINC 600Polarization keys
ASNE0565Connectors, rectangularARINC 600Polarization keys

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