Partnership with our suppliers is the heart of our business

In today’s fast paced world, our Aerospace professionals put their customer-oriented mindset at work to offer quick and easy access to hundreds of thousands of electrical products available on stock and with quick lead times at very competitive prices. Partnership with our suppliers is the heart of our business

Our comprehensive product offering enables us to achieve our goal; to save our customers time, allow them to manage fewer transactions and suppliers, and eliminate cost inefficiencies.

At Air Cost Control , our account managers understand the ins and outs of electrical aerospace specifications as well as their installation

. We are ready to work hand in hand with you to identify standard products whenever possible. When standard products fall short, Air Cost Control can propose custom products from one of our 300+ manufacturing partners. Our customers enjoy a single point of contact for all their technical and administrative questions in order to maintain a nimble approach and offer an optimal customer experience.

With the help of our manufacturers we set up technical days for our employees to make sure that we are always on the leading edge of our service levels. Every year Air Cost Control puts all the conditions in place to ensure the continuous development of the teams in order to offer an optimal reactivity to our customer’s technical requests.

Ensure compliance to all Aerospace standards (ISO9001 & EN9120)

In close hand with our quality department, our purchasing team monitors closely not only the relationship with our suppliers but also their quality performance, conducts audits to ensure compliance to all Aerospace standards (ISO9001 & EN9120) and minimize at all costs the risks to our customers. We understand that our role as distributor is not limited to buying and selling but also to filter all risks and reduce their impact into our customers.

In order to achieve this objective, we control: the compliance to all international standards, as well as our supplier requirements. We evaluate our supplier’s capacity to comply with our demands for full traceability, high quality and respect of delivery times of the products. Our unconditional respect to regulations related to export controls are a guarantee of confidence in our domestic and international transactions.

Furthermore, we are fully aware of our environmental responsibility.

We place all our expertise to respect current regulations such as REACH and ROHS and point you towards more environmentally friendly purchases.

Our Value-Added Assembly Lines allow us to propose circular Souriau EN3646 and Amphemol Socapex D38999 series III connectors in record lead times to complete our tailor-made offer to our customers.

At Air Cost Control, our purchasing works in close relationship with our manufacturers but all our focus is oriented towards our customers, to make sure that they obtain the best experience in the industry and their satisfaction is always at an all-time high.

Over the last 10 years, Air Cost Control has become an uncontested and major leader in the distribution of electrical products for harnesses in the aviation industry.

Photos by Luc BOUCHEZ